Cut/paste to edit RM actions?

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@bravenel can you tell us more about this? Thanks!

When you're editing actions in rules, you can click a "Cut" button and select an action to "Cut".

When you do that, a "Paste Before" button appears. You can click on that--and then select where to insert the "cut" action. It makes it easier to re-arrange a complex rule.

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Thanks. I try to resist the urge to download new firmware updates immediately after they’re released, in case or unexpected issues. I guess you dove right in though :wink:.


Everything is looking good so far.


I'm running (haven't updated to .132 yet) and cut/paste is in there already. I believe I first noticed it after the 2.2.2 update to 2.2.3 but wasn't noted in the release notes until now.

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It was enhanced to allow a stack of cut actions, instead of just one.


Nice! :+1:

Luv this feature, thank you HE for always moving this product forward and at breakneck speeds


Has anyone suggested a copy function as well, without cutting? Would be amazing if you could copy/paste a stack as well.

Yes, and this is not easily done. We don't plan to implement it.

How about "duplicate" instead of copy? Would that be any easier to implement?

It would be nearly worthless. If you had two actions, where one is a duplicate of the other, if you change any setting in one of them it would change that setting in both. I don't want to even begin to explain to users how such a thing works. Forget it.

Yeah it's hard to understand or know how something like this is programmed on the back-end, from a user's perspective. My dream was to easily re-order, copy/paste/modify. If that never happens, I can still live with it. My biggest complaint is when I have to modify conditional statements. Having to rebuild giant statements from scratch, just to add one more motion sensor, etc, is pretty awful. Definitely works though, and maybe the majority of people aren't tweaking their automations in a near-continuous manner like I do,

For 90% of my automations, RM is the fast, simple, reliable way to go. The other 10%, I can just put in WebCore. These two can live in harmony, at least for now.

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You can do this in the section at the bottom of the Actions page: Create or Manage Conditions. Each condition can be changed, including adding one more sensor, adding another logic clause, etc.

I've seen that, but didn't realize it modified conditions currently utilized. Thanks! I have run into issues where devices are flagged as being used by some rule, but it turns out they are just included in some old condition. I've never made it a point to clear those out.

Do leftover conditions in a rule, no longer implemented, take up any resources?