Customer support not responding

Hi can someone help or point me in the right direction . I have the hub protect and remote admin subscription . I just received my replacement hub and I looking for direction on how to transfer it to the new hub . It clearly says it here on their website that this would be done automatically. I can’t get customer to respond other than an automated email from them . This is what it says on their website

IMPORTANT! If you receive a warranty replacement hub, your existing Hub Protect subscription from the defective hub will be automatically transferred to the new hub.

A few months back, they streamlined things to where most inquiries now should be directed to the forums. That is likely why that mail is not getting through to someone.

After you post on the forums, a couple things can happen. Us community members can help if it is something we can do on the customer side of things.

In your case, for things on the Hubitat side of things, we will tag @support_team and they should see this post and reply to you fairly shortly.

Reference: New customer support portal

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Send an email to, and we will get it taken care of. It will be a couple of days most likely.


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