Custom zigbee module thoughts

OK so I got a new awning with a SOMFY motor on it.

Long story but the bottom line is that there is not a ZIGBEE solution (that I like) to control this motor. What I am wondering is this:

Does anyone know of a simple to use ZIGBEE module that can drive a relay or a set of dry contacts etc?

For example, see this:❤️MChoice❤️Smart-Zigbee-Wireless-Switch-Module/dp/B07L31B2CM/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=zigbee+module&qid=1561087161&s=books&sr=1-7-catcorr

That's a really cheap price, but I would assume those are not dry contacts, since they labelled it L (Load) and N (Neutral).

I recently bought one of the new Xiaomi dual Zigbee relays. It's not dry contacts either, but I added two 120v relays to it and put it all in a project box. I'm using it to arm and disarm my alarm system by closing the contacts on one of its fobs. The system otherwise has no control outside of IFTTT or their app. This works great for the purpose.

See this thread for info on the relay and this for what I bought to do the job.

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ooh-- great info. Thanks!!!

I actually need two channels too... I guess I plan to buy a separate SOMFY awning remote ($50) and then cut it apart and replace the out and in buttons with relays... then control the relays from the two zigbee channels... sigh... there has to be an easier way!!!

Yeah it felt super hacky and dumb to be assembling this "bridge", but it works. I've been waiting for iSmart Alarm to get off their asses and give us local integrations for years. It was time to take matters in my own hands. It was cheap and easy.

Very cool.

I just had another thought... I might look into taking apart a peanut plug and converting it to a dry contact sort of thing. I just found a peanut plug tear-down online and it looks like it might be do-able. Of course I would still need to use two peanuts to get the two channels...

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Yeah, any outlet HE can control will work. I was going to use two IKEA TRÅDFRI plugs before @veeceeoh alerted me to this deal. It was the same cost, with much less work, in a smaller package

Yeah I think your idea is the best... perhaps I will buy that thing. I wish I could get the deal you got ! :slight_smile:

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$26.99 US is still a good deal though. Free shipping from Gearbest for US residents. The relays can be found for less. I just ordered those Omron because I had used them before on another project, so I was familiar with them, and my Visa points were going to get them for me at no cost.

@ogiewon 's HubDuino is another thing to consider. For a few dollars less than the cost of the Xiaomi relay alone, and it can give you 4 or more channels for control. No need for the extra relays. It's dry contacts, ready to go. Just a bit more work, but Dan's a super helpful guy. I used this method for just disarm and arm of the iSmart Alarm, but if I needed more channels, that's a very good setup.

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Thanks! I looked at the hubduino a bit last night but with so many posts... I didn't take the time yet to distill it down to what it is. Do I buy the unit from him or buy at Arduino board somewhere and load on his firmware or how does it work in a nutshell?

I totally get that. It's a huge thread and there's a lot of info there, for way more advanced stuff than what I needed. A little daunting when you've never touched an Arduino like me. So I asked Dan, and he, together with @Ryan780 came through right away with a simple and inexpensive solution.

Have a read from this post and forward a few, then ask Dan and Ryan any questions you have.

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What about switchbot? Has anyone had success in integrating it with HE?

Thanks @SmartHomePrimer -- Question then on your hubduino project. I didnt quite get this part yet... how do I get it to run with Zigbee? Do I buy a ZigBee radio that plugs on top of the underlying arduino board ? == or did you do WiFi or ? Thanks!!

I believe HubDuino is IP based. I went with the Xiaomi double relay for my last project. It was easier for me. I haven't done the HubDuino project, but will likely in the future. However, @ogiewon can answer that question for you.

ah... I missed that part... I thought you built both. Thanks!!

HubDuino is TCP/IP based for most microcontrollers these days.

It also supports the old SmartThings ThingShield (an Arduino UNO/MEGA Zigbee shield.)

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There are a couple of Z-wave blind motor controllers out there by monoprice, Aeotec, etc. I know you are asking for Zigbee but just in case.

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