Custom Thermostat instead of Nest

Nothing regarding zigbee or zen was changed between 117 and 118.

Regarding Rule Machine. I'd start by duplicating the simple parts of the rule that doesn't seem to be working and see if you can recreate the issue.

See if a very simple rule off a virtual switch can control the zen. Then try a simple mode change test to see if it works as well.

First step is to see if we can find a repeatable pattern and something we can reproduce 100% of the time.

It could be that the zen dropped the packet (or some point in between) and it never processed the command. You might be able to reproduce this, but if there was interference or just a device hiccup, we might not know.

If you can reproduce it, let me know.

We've determined there is some problem with Zen in this release. Chasing it down.

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Thanks guys. Happy to assist where I can.

Look forward to hearing if you find anything.

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I will also have a look around at it this weekend.

We discovered what the problem is. We discovered there is a wonky factory configuration in the Zen Thermostat that is outside the timing of the Zigbee specification. Previous to our V1.1.1, we were handling our Zigbee communications in such a way as to not trip on this configuration error. V1.1.1 introduced a faster method of sending Zigbee messages that DOES trip on the configuration. Easy fix, we can zap the bad configuration from the Zen driver, and then all is good.

This fix will be in the next release, if not sooner in a hot fix. to 1.1.1.


Well done Hubitat team. Great response and result. Cheers

Did this fix make it into the update?

No. Very little was in 119. Most of the pending fixes and feature upgrades will be in 1.1.2, including the fix for Zen.