Custom Rule in Safety Monitor


Just got my Hubitat a week ago, and loving it so far. I have added 5 switches so far and it was all fairly easy. Hooked up a fibaro water sensor to my smoke alarm interconnect relay and it works perfect. Set up a custom monitoring rule in hubitat safety monitor. When the smoke alarms go off, lights go on and I get a text message. I would also like for the smart switch on my furnace to turn OFF, and my doors unlock. I have not installed the smart locks yet, but I have installed a smart switch on my furnace. Unfortunately, the hubitat safety monitor only has options to turn ON lights, not turn them OFF. Should I delete this custom rule in Safety Monitor and try to do this through Rule Machine, or is there a way to make the change in Safety Monitor?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.


Create a Rule in Rule Manager that triggers on HSM status:


Just in case you are not clear about HSM light. When the alarm is trigger. HSM captures the state of your selected lights, turn them on remain on. Once you clear the alarm. HSM will return the lights back to the captured state.


Thanks, looking at rule machine it looks like I can make a rule where the furnace switch is off when the water sensor is sensing wet (smoke alarm is going off), and the switch is on when water sensor is not sensing wet. I can set a restriction that this rule only applies when the switch is on, so that if the switch has been manually turned off (say to work on the furnace), rule machine won't be turning it. Does this make sense?

I also noticed that HSM will return the lights back to their captured state, once the the alarm is cleared (as stated above). I would rather have the lights return to their original state, once the water sensor is no longer sensing wet (i.e. the smoke alarm is not going off). Is there a way to do this in HSM? If not how would you do this in Rule Machine? In other words, how do you write a rule where lights turn on to 100% when a water sensor senses wet, and then return to their original state when the sensor is no longer sensing wet.

Thanks for the help


What's the difference between "captured state" and "original state"?


Not sure the difference between captured and original state. I am new to Hubitat. I wrote original state since I don't know if Hubitat needs to "Capture" a state in order to return a device to its "Original" state after a rule is no longer in effect. Obviously, if the first thing a rule does is "Capture" an "Original" state then it has the info to return a device to that state since it first started by recording the state.

I wonder if a toogle could do what I want, but I don't think so. Since posting I have been playing around with Rule Machine, and have come up with the following:

This seems to somewhat work. Although the furnace switch does not go back to its "Original" state which is ON. When the water sensor goes wet (Smoke/CO Alarm is going off), everything happens the way I want, i.e. the lights turn on, the furnace switch turns off, I get text messages. When the water sensor goes dry (Smoke/CO Alarm stops going off), some of the lights go back to their "Original" state, but I still can't get the furnace to go back to its Original ON state. It's almost like the Rule is first turning Off the switch and then capturing the Off state (which is not the original state). Maybe I will try setting a delay for the lights to come on and for the furnace to shutoff, so the Rule has time to do its Capture.

Thanks, for any help.


Don't capture the state of the furnace switch. Just explicitly turn it on and off based upon your water sensor in a separate trigger rule. Then, control your lighting in another rule using the same trigger.


For the lights that HSM turns on for an alert, it first captures their state just as the alert goes off. Then when HSM is disarmed or the alert canceled, it restores them to that captured state.