Custom notification sound

IOS doesn't provide that, so couldn't that be build into ios app?

AFAIK yes it’s possible for individual apps to allow for additional notification sound options in iOS. The hubitat app doesn’t. But I assume the android app offers that, because like for many other system settings that I want to tweak, iOS is a real PITA compared to Android.

Android does not offer it either. I really wish it did.

Doesn't android allow all apps to change notification sounds (assuming you’ve granted that permission)? I’d settle for just that on iOS. Pushover can do it, so it’s certainly possible on iOS.

some apps you can change, but most of them I've never found a way to.

For android I think you can...

Sorry for that the screenshots being in Swedish though! :wink: Here you can even set the notifications to pass through DND.


Tack! :wink:

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Impressed!! :blush:

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I've been trying to figure that out for a long time.

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Please can we have this on IOS please! My default notification doesn’t wake me up, if Hubitat is notifying me I want it to wake me up as I only use the notification for things I need immediate notification of..

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