Custom Google Assistant Voice without IFTTT?

I'm currently using IFTTT to give me natural language voice commands on Google Assistant by toggling a switch which triggers a rule.


  • "Ok Google, Make it Cozy"
  • IFTTT rule that triggers on "Make it Cozy" that turns the "Make It Cozy Button" on (this is actually a virtual switch with a 5 second reset)
  • RM4 Rule that runs when "Make It Cozy Button" turns on, the rule does all the things to make it cozy.

Well, tonight IFTTT is having an outage and now my voice routines don't work. I could do "Turn on Make It Cozy" but that isn't nearly as natural to say. Part of my goal with Hubitat is to be as local as possible. Getting first class support for custom voice commands in the Assistant integration would be wonderful to reduce the number of cloud dependencies I have in my home control system.

You can make a Google Home Routine to skip the IFTTT step.

In the Google Home app, click Routines, then the Add button. Add command "make it cozy", add action "Turn on Make It Cozy", then save.

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Duh .. sorry I should have figured that out. Thanks for the help!

Looks like I was able to setup exactly what I want, but it isn't terribly obvious, for future reference:

When ...
I say "Make it Cozy"

My Assistant Should
Adjust lights, plugs, and more
Say Something

Both of those actions were picked from Choose Popular Actions

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