Custom driver for Litter Robot not working properly

I see the dev here says he is no longer active so hoping for a miracle. The driver for litter robot seems to not be able to turn sleep mode off. It can turn it on, but not off. But I'm guessing no one else is maintaining or updating this code

I have done some minor work on it, I will take a look this next weekend. I’ve never used sleep mode control on mine. I assume you have a Litter Robot 3 connect, right?

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Yeah LR3. Have had a LR for about 10 years from a 2 to a 3 and have never used sleep mode either. Don't think many people do hence no one noticing it didn't work here lol. But we just had to move my LR into a guest room that's only rarely used so I wanted to make an automation that turns on sleep mode if we have a guest.

Are you sure that it doesn’t work? If I use the “Sleep On” and “Sleep Off” buttons in the device, refresh, and then look at the events log for the device, I see sleepModeActive change to on then off as expected. The driver seems to be sending the correct S1 and S0 commands as expected, and the LR3 seems to be sending back the expected states.

What LR firmware do you have? My LR3 is about 1.5 years old and has LR3 firmware 61d09ce-dirty.