Custom commands & Nest Presence Device in RM

Is there any plans to add an option to use custom commands to RM like what's available on Nest Presence Device or other devices with custom commands?

There's no option that I can find to use the "Set Away", "Set Home", or "Set Presence" on RM for example and any other Custom commands or attributes. My opinion is any attribute/command on any device should be accessible on RM like it is on webCoRE to modify, otherwise RM is never going to be a replacement for webCoRE for me and others out there I'm sure.

I can do this fine in webCoRE on my Home/Away Mode Piston:

I realize I can setup Nest app manually to do this to modify the Nest Presence or I could setup IFTTT as alternates to webCoRE, the point is this is handicapping the capabilities of RM I feel. I would love to use RM as much as possible and would love to have all custom commands on all of my devices available in RM.

RM contained the first known public implementation of custom commands in ST (3 or 4 years ago), so yes RM supports them.


Thanks for the reply, how would I pick Set Away on Nest Presence Device for example on RM on the Actions section? I'm not seeing that or any other custom commands in Rule Machine.

Here is how I did Nest Eco, I see away on the list.

You first have to setup the custom commands. On the main page of Rule Machine, there is an option to create custom command. Open that and select your device that you need a custom command for. It will query to device to find all of its available commands. You select the one you want, and any parameters it needs, then save it.

Once saved, that custom command becomes available in the Actions section of a rule, under Run Custom Command.

BTW, webCoRE copied the custom command concept from Rule Machine originally.

Thanks everyone, I'll give it a try tonight when I'm home. Didn't realize that was an option.

How do I get to the custom command in rule machine not finding it???

It's called Custom Action.

Thanks @bravenel I found it and am making use of it.

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