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I am new to Hubitat. Prior to this I had a Vera controller. When I setup my thermostat I had to set it up as a generic Z-wave thermostat. I would like to be able to change the energy mode of the thermostat to the energy savings mode. The variable in the thermostat I would change was "EnergyModeTarget" and I changed the value of it to "EnergySavingsMode." Could someone help me do this with Rule machine?

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Like your title says you'll have to make a custom command.
Then run that command in a rule.

Here's a video about making custom commands. It's not yours but actuator might still work for you.

You can't do a custom RM command for a parameter/command that doesn't already exist in the driver. And that command is definitely not in the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver. Custom commands in RM are only for commands that a device/driver already supports, but RM doesn't expose by default.

So you are out of luck unless there is a device handler that has that feature for that thermostat. The good news, is there may be a custom driver for it... Or one that could be made.

What thermostat make/model is it?

Thank you very much. The video is a good start. I don't think that will do what I need. Like Jason said, I think I need a different driver that has the parameter I need.

Thank you Jason. The thermostat I have is the RCS TZ45HR.

Do you know specifically what DTH / device handler you used in ST? The quickest path may be converting that one to HE.

I am not sure if this helps but, this is the command I used in Vera:
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:HVAC_UserOperatingMode1", "SetEnergyModeTarget", {NewModeTarget = "EnergySavingsMode"}, 139)

In Vera it was Service ID: urn:upnp-org:serviceId:HVAC_UserOperatingMode1
The variable was: EnergyModeTarget
The value: "EnergySavingsMode"

To change it back to the normal mode the value changes to "Normal".

Instead of using schedules I would have that ran when I armed my alarm.

Thank you

Forgot you were on Vera and not ST, sorry. That doesn't help me, but it might help someone else that is more versed in Vera luup. I used Vera for a while, but it has been too long.

The path of least resistance is to find either a SmartThings device handler that can do it, or find the actual zwave parameter used to set that setting - and get it added to a thermostat driver (that isn't that hard once you know what parameter/command it is).

Because that thermostat is so old, on a quick search I can't even find the zwave configuration parameter guide anywhere. So your best bet may be to find a ST driver that does what you need...

Sorry I can't help more.

Thank you for your help. I don't know if makes a difference but, I just went through the live log then changed the mode on my thermostat to away then back to home and found this:

dev:362019-02-02 11:52:02.015 am infoThermostat coolingSetpoint is 80°F
dev:362019-02-02 11:52:02.008 am infoThermostat heatingSetpoint is 73°F
dev:362019-02-02 11:52:01.934 am debugignore: ConfigurationReport(configurationValue:[0], parameterNumber:25, size:1)

dev:362019-02-02 11:52:42.115 am infoThermostat coolingSetpoint is 80°F
dev:362019-02-02 11:52:42.107 am infoThermostat heatingSetpoint is 62°F
dev:362019-02-02 11:52:41.521 am debugignore: ConfigurationReport(configurationValue:[2], parameterNumber:25, size:1)

I wonder if it is just setting parameter #25 to a value of 2 or 0. Woudl this be something that needs to be added to the driver?

Maybe this sheds some more light on it?
Maybe I'm just floundering.
I used fan mode instead.

Thank you Keith,

Unfortunately, since the driver does not include the "EnergySavingsMode" variable I am not able to change that mode to "away."

That'll do it then.
Maybe see if there's a SmartThings driver?

Thank you,

I will take a look if I can find one.

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