Custom attributes missing

Hey i have been reading around the forum, it appears in older version of the dashboard it was possible to select custom attributes to be shown on tiles now all i can see is the built in ones, am i missing something?
I am attempting to show panelStatus attribute on this tile

Does ‘panelStatus’ have a value?
If it doesn’t then it won’t appear in the list


It does its a text field, for reference. this is where i was getting my info from. it might be outdated


You might actually have to get the attribute to change before it will show up

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Like have it change while i am on the tile editor?

it appears it doesn't like something in the attributes, but the logs dont show anything so i have no where to start looking

There are some items in the device events, but i don't see anything out of the ordinary, although im new to hubitat just moved from ST

I assume this is a custom Driver, correct? If so, does the driver explicitly declare the custom attribute? As in

attribute "panelStatus", "String"

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Maybe this won't solve your problem, but give it a try:

on some devices, sometimes, I can't see the needed parameter in attribute, only few.

What I'm doing then ?
Unselect Attribute and choose another one (like Battery), even there is no info for it. Close the tile.
Then reopen it and select attribute. Maybe you'll find the needed one.

If that doesn't work, try adding another device (any) to the dashboard (via the dashboard app page). Then, in that window you show, select the other device, then re-select your Honeywell.

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I'm having this same issue, and none of the proposed workarounds seem to be working. Any further development on this? Seems to be a bug...

Please provide additional information on the exact problem you're experiencing. Details regarding the exact device and driver, as well as the App you're trying to use would be very helpful for others to assist.

The issue was resolved for the original poster.

Perhaps, but most likely an issue with a custom driver as was found to be the case for the original poster.

It's a custom app i'm developing. The custom device literally has a single definition of an attribute like this:
attribute "panelStatus", "String"
Since earlier, I exited out of the dashboard and went back in, without having changed the code. It worked that time, so it's definitely a bug.

Make sure your custom device updates the custom attribute using the exact same CaSe as your declaration of the attribute.

Also, make sure when the device is created that you initialize the attribute with a default value. Otherwise it will not show up in the Dashboard app.

Without seeing your driver code, it’s hard to say exactly where the ‘bug’ lies...:wink:

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