Curtain Automation

Hey Everyone.

I'm looking to automate my existing draperies. They have a cord and am wondering if there is a motor I can connect to it that has Zwave.



Not sure if there are Z-Wave options, but Zemismart does have some Zigbee options:

Thanks Sebastien.

I was trying to connect the existing curtain cord to a motor. I don't really care if it is zigbee or zwave.
I still haven't found anything.


Are you looking for something like this?

I saw that one and wonder if it has enough torque to pull a drapery?

Good question! The description says:

Load-carrying capacity is only 2KG and torque is 0.5Nm.
Not recommended for large curtains

So I guess it would depend on how difficult it would be to pull them open/close with the cord.

I will typically buy the device and try it. If it works, awesome; if it doesn’t, I know for next time and can provide the info to other users here.

I have a motor in a roller shade and find that it works great, but I do not have one that pulls the cords, so can’t comment on that. Hopefully, someone else on the community that does will find this post and provide their feedback.

I found this one that has 1.35Nm. More than 2X


Might try it.


Nice! Notice however that it is Wifi, so I suspect it won’t work with Hubitat. I will likely require its own app to work.

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