Current TV with Picture in Picture

I've been googling for a couple of hours and I think that I have only confused myself.

I am looking for a 43" TV with legit picure-in-picture and IP control. I confirmed that the FrameTV and the low end LG tv we have do not support this.

I need to be able to show two hdmi inputs, and hdmi and composite input or the xfinity app and an hdmi input. Any help appreciated.

Try this one. I just got one, although I haven't tried the PIP - I got it just for the size and clarity.

That could definitely be a solution. Is there an IP based hubitat driver?

There are a couple drivers out there for LG WebOS TVs, but that looks like an LG monitor, not a TV.

According to the manual on that amazon page, it looks like it can receive commands through a serial connection though. So it's probably possible to write a driver for it?

Would also presumably need something to convert from serial to IP connection.