Current best driver for 2019 Samsung multisensor?

Does anyone know the current best driver for the 2019 Samsung multisensor?

You talk about the multisensor in your question, yet you have a picture of the motion sensor, a bit confused on what you are actually looking for. But if you check the compatibility list of native support drivers, you will find the info you are looking for...

Thank you for the reply.
You have identified the issue.
Although the pictured device was marketed as a motion sensor only it also collects and transmits temperature and battery level data as well. It is not clear to me from the supported device list which driver applies to this device. Since I am using them for both temperature and motion I thought that there might be an updated option for these older devices.

Best I've found is the inbuilt Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor, shows battery, motion and temperature

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Generic Zigbee Motion sensor is the one you want. Most all motion sensors do report temp and battery by default and is supported in this driver.

The multisensor is the contact sensor with tilt, axis reporting.

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