Curl command failing in http GET Switch, works in cmd prompt

Trying to send a curl command in http GET Switch virtual works fine in Windows cmd prompt, but fails when used in the http GET Switch device.

Odd thing is, the exact same curl commands that work in the Windows cmd prompt fail w/the http Get Switch driver. I copy them directly from the http Get device preferences into Windows cmd and they work there.



Illegal character at index 4...does it not like the space between "curl" and "-s" in the command?

I'm totally guessing here, but I think this input only wants the URI, which would start at the http: and delete the "curl -s"... and if that does not work, try just at the "192...." and delete everything before the 192. as in either one of the below examples....

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Brilliant! :slight_smile: Removing curl -s worked! :smiley:

I can now send my Ecovacs Deebot n79 off to clean, and then order him back to his charging station. WOOT!

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But can it make bread?

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No. But it makes the bread I make VERY clean. :wink:


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