Curious Issue with WebCore and Hubitat Device "In use by"

I recently added Webcore to my hub. I only have two pistons which are only a few lines each for my learning.

However now every device on my hub shows it is "in use by" Webcore.

My guess is the process of Webcore "reading" the device list from the hub somehow triggers the "In use by" flag for every device.

This is enough to give me pause and question if Webcore is for me.

Is my experience unique?

If you made all the devices available by selecting the devices under settings for WC then you will see in use by webCoRE.
They won't actually be being used by a WC piston until you define it in one.
If you remove the device from WC settings does the reference to webCoRE disappear?

I pretty much expected that would be the answer. Thanks.