Curious: How is WIFI (vs Ethernet) connection working?

Is WIFI a reliable alternative to Ethernet?

I might want to try it vs, relocating the hub.

Wi-fi on anything is never as reliable as ethernet. Hardwire anything you can.


Might have to drill a hole through the floor to the basement; not like I haven't done that before.

Run it through the wall if you can. From the basement drill through the base plate into the cavity and mount a jack. Looks much neater

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I insulated the joist spaces with foam, alas.

Fiberglass rod or fish will push through that fine... Even closed cell. Do it all the time...


There are ways to improve wifi performance in our to the Zigbee environment Look on the internet at the various discussion. Search term: "wifi to zigbee interference"

There are also some issues with wifi routers that do not properly support a large number (>30) wifi devices (they tend to drop some and unless the device has a re-acquire capability, they stay dropped). I had this issue until I purchased the mesh for my router (ASUS router with mesh capability). This solved the issue since the 30+ devices are distributed over multiple access points.

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Did you use the actual Asus Mesh system? or are you just using other Asus routers as mesh? I have an RT-AX 3000 and I've been debating adding another router to use as mesh. I'm not having issues yet, but I am starting to push upwards of thirty Wi-Fi devices. I think at any given time i am around 25 devices on line currently.

I have the AX 3000 and added their mesh. It took several days to settle down, but then it had my devices well distributed. It stopped the drop-out of wifi devices (including my C-7 Hub).

How about the power over line adaptors?
Two plug in interfaces, one is the ethernet to power, the other is power to ethernet.
Might save you from drilling holes and running cable.

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Drilling won't be required.
The ATT Internet Air orb works well close to the hub.

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Just thought I would throw that option in to keep things wired...