Curious about Restore quirk?

I messed up a rule today so thought, I'll just RESTORE from my 2:15 AM Daily backup (C7) no problem right? Well, first surprise, HSM sets off sirens, okay hit button, HSM silenced, set DISARM. Seems, RESTORE comes up in exact settings as when restore was saved. As in 4 years I've never used the auto backup file, was I surprised. Later on, still working on rules, I could not get motion sensor to trip some lights, checked everything, then, remembering the RESTORE, checked and found, now 4 hours later, the MODE was still NIGHT. Now I worked in IT for years and felt stupid so I will sheepishly ask, is this how that RESTORE should work, and would it make more sense to create it during the DAY mode? Or, simply, always do a backup before you change settings so as not to have this occur.

A backup saves the database state at the time it is made. The restore puts things back to that state. Same modes, same variable states in rules, etc. So, the answer to your question depends on what you want restored.

If there are some particular variable values or modes, rule states, etc., that you want upon restore (or reboot, for that matter), then add a rule triggered on systemStart (Trigger events, Location, systemStart), and initialize things the way you want upon restore.

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Yeah, figured that out. Normally I always backup DB to my PC prior to making changes. I got lazy and knew I had messed up, so I just grabbed the automatic backup and failed to consider the hour and mode it was recorded in. A "teaching moment" as they say. Thanks for the reply.

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