Curious about new carbondioxide

curious about this.. what exactly is the point.. obvious there will always be carbon dioxide as people are breathing.. maybe a warning if above a certain level but that normally is handled by a rule?

i guess this is for new detectors/devices that warn like a smoke detector?

no idea really, it was asked for, there are devices that measure it, but i'm with you...


Homes with passive house certification are often so well sealed that without deliberate ventilation they can develop unhealthy levels of CO2. Iā€™d imagine someone wants to act based on sensor data from an ERV system sensor or something.

then you have a rule like mine.. not a yes/no alert..


i don't know of any device that just alerts like a smoke alarm .. most measure the amount which is more usefull..

This capability (carbonDioxideDetector) will be removed, after hours of careful consideration involving hours of internal debate with upwards of 50 engineers it's been determined to be of no value what-so-ever...


Sad. I wanted to see the software QA journal on this with @mike.maxwell and @bcopeland testing notes of breathing fast into a paper bag to the point of hypoxia.