CumulusMX Driver for Local PWS weather?

I'm a new Hubitat owner who has used Homeseer, SmartThings and the ISY-994 in the past (some still running). I really like the device, but I have a personal weather station (Davis VP2) connected to a RPi running CumulusMX, and I would like to get that weather data into my hub, without going through the internet (i.e., over the local LAN, directly from CumulusMX). Is there a driver that would make this possible? If not, is anyone working on one (or would anyone like to do so)? BTW, I've tried Weewx and know there is a driver for it, but Weewx itself (not the driver) has been less stable for me on the RPi than CumulusMX, so I'm leery of switching to it.

BTW, I am currently using an excellent Weather Underground driver from @dJOS to get my PWS data, and I really find it useful. But I live in a somewhat rural area in Maine, where internet access can be spotty right when you most need weather data, so I'm hoping for something that would enable access to my local PWS data over y local LAN, without having to go through Weather Underground. Thanks in advance for any ideas.