Ctrl F for find in code editor

Would it be possible to disable ctrl F from bringing up the default browser find dialog when in the editor and instead bring up the inbuilt editor find box ? I've lost count of how many times I get this wrong and get the boing boing not found.

This happens in another controllers IDE page so I assume it's possible

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With Vivaldi, a chromium based app from the same folk that wrote Opera...and then sold it to China, it does both depending on where the focus is. I like it this way and dislike that Discourse makes me go to the browser menu to select its Find.

I use Vivaldi too. Just do a double CTRL-F. The first one brings up the Discourse search, the second the native browser search.

I don't think it will work for Kevin's case though, I seem to remember it not working when trying it. I am not even a developer, and is has been annoying to try and find something that needs changing or commenting out or whatever. I can't imagine writing an app on there.

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Thanks for the tip! :+1:

I didn't know devs have different tools and assumed he's talking about the same editor I see when pasting in community code. Makes sense though.

He is talking about the hub itself, in the driver or app code section. That is "broken" and CTRL-F doesn't work at all.

Different platform version? I'm on 125 and it's working for me. :thinking:

Or maybe the OS? I use Linux and I think Kevin does too. Maybe not for his dev box though.

You have to click in the code window first and then ctrl F (linux and Windows), or cmd F (MacOS) will use the editor's search, instead of the browser.

What I meant is that I don't have to click in the code editor window with say Fibaro - when that is displayed (navigated to) it seems to override the inbuilt browser ctrl F function automatically

Update: I think this only works on some pages on Fibaro - maybe it's a JS thing

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