CT100 Plus - refresh causes pages and pages of update logs? How to update more often that ~3 hours?

I've been having issues with my CT100 Plus since moving it from ST to HE. I'm using the Generic Zwave Thermostat driver, and it only updates its state every 3 hours. I had a RM rule to refresh it every 5 minutes, but in my effort to remove some apps from my main HE hub, I removed RM completely, as that was the only remaining rule I had.

I've noticed, over the last couple days in particular, that when I manually refresh the thermostat, it's spewing out pages of more or less duplicate log entries. In the example below, I hit refresh once, and got 118 reports over the next 31 seconds. Any idea why it's being like that?

And what would be the recommended manner to keep the thermostat state in sync with HE?

ping @mike.maxwell he might be able to help since this a native driver

Multiple reports such as you're seeing are a result of communication Issues between the hub and thermostat.
Until all of that noise is removed it's not really possible to see what's up.

What's the best way to figure out the comm issue in this case?

Start with looking at what items around the thermostat are also sending multiple repeated signals...then start to look for other things that might use 900MHz. Baby monitors old cordless phones. Wireless doorbells...also look for any zwave items that may not have been excluded from an old zwave network.

Really this is the only device that's showing large amounts of repeated logs. I've got a robust zwave mesh with many ac powered devices, and not seeing any of this type of issue on the others (light switches, wall plugs, etc)

Did you exclude the device before including it?

Yeah, it was excluded from ST successfully, then I also did a factory reset on the thermostat before pairing it with HE.

How far away from the hub...any large metal objects in the way... is this device on batteries...i am just thinking of anything that could be the issue.

Are there any zwave devices not on this network nearby.. i had an issue whith a iris v2 outlet that wasnt excluded causing issues

The thermostat is pretty close to the hub (maybe ~15 ft direct line from the thermostat in the dining room to the hub in the basement), and there aren't any unexcluded zwave or other zwave network devices right nearby. There's a zwave dimmer on the HE network right next to the thermostat, but that's the nearest device. Also a Ring doorbell about 10 ft away, but that's running on 5ghz wifi. The nearest non-HE zwave network devices would be a couple power monitoring plugs in the kitchen (fridge and microwave, about 15-20 ft away), and on the garage fridge (~20 ft away) that are running on my ST zwave network.

As far as refreshing, I installed the Thermostat Scheduler app, just to get that juicy scheduled refresh command going. I don't actually want to schedule any thermostat changes through that (I have all my thermostat settings configured through ST webcore, via hubconnect), and it appears to be doing what I want right now.

I noticed overnight that the thermostat was refreshing normally most of the time, aside from one refresh at 04:15, when it was spewing out log events continuously for about 45 seconds, over 400 log entries in that time.

i have the same problem with mine.. it is definatly the device handler not the therm or my mesh.. it is right next to a zwave plus switch and it is zwave plus as well

it has direct connect to the switch at 40k accord to the hub.
when i switched to the redio ct101 device handler it is working better and no duplicate log entries

I think it might be related to this post Z-Wave storms - looks like HE Hub's fault?

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