CSS - Aligning Custom Icon to Centre of Tile

I am playing around with my Lighting dashboard again and want to centre the Custom Icon I have selected for a tile, which I expect to be doing with CSS. I am using a dynamic width on the dashboard, i.e. set the number of columns to zero so it will auto-fit in the window, not sure if that is important. I have been able to get some results on my laptop screen, but when I move to my table or phone I get different results.

I would also be interested to know how to make the background transparent.... Attempts I have made on this could be being trumped by a tool I used when setting up the dashboard.... So I may need to look there first...

Any thoughts?


Thanks, I just added the z-index and it didn't change, I suspect there are CSS settings elsewhere that may be overriding it, I'll test it later in a vanilla dashboard then see what else I can do.

But your work on overlaying, plus a few other similar posts, got me interested in updating my dashboard, nice work on that btw.

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