Critique of my logic


  • Have exterior lights defined by a scene called "ambient" and set from a rule that runs from sunset to 11:00 PM
  • Have an internal foyer light
  • Have two doors with contact sensors

What I want

  • When the door opens from Sunset-ish to Sunrise-ish, turn on the exterior lights to a scene called "bright" for 10 min.
  • Also turn on the foyer light if the front door opened
  • If someone opens the door during the 10 min, reset the counter for another 10 min.
  • After 10 min, turn the exterior lights and foyer light back to where they were or should be.

What I noticed

  • The same rule will be continually triggered as people go in and out.
  • Needed a way to record state
  • Needed a way to know whether another rule was active

What I am still working out

  • A private variable is visible between different triggering of a rule
  • Needed to use a GV to determine if my ambient light timer was running

I like learning RM and wanted additional ideas on my thinking so that my next set of complicated rules are better.

Any ideas are solicited and welcome.