Cree Connected Max Wifi/Bluetooth Lights

I'm new to this ecosystem and trying to find a way to integrate these lights.

In smart things people are connecting to Alexa then controlling via smart things. I don't use Alexa (Google) but hoping something similar might be possible?

Here is connection screen in cree app. Anyway to interface with smart things or Google home? I'm moving from smart things so I have an account if that can serve me somehow in this scenario

I generally stay clear of any wifi integration unless there is no decent zigbee or zwave option, and even then I hope the wifi integration is local rather than cloud-based. And I stay clear of Cree bulbs in general. That all being said...

I'm not familiar with Google but if you can create a virtual switch on HE and expose it to Google, then have a Google routine turn on and off the CREE stuff when the virtual switch truns on and off, it might work. But it would be inelegant and likely unreliable, and wouldn't give you a ton of control.

If they link with ST, you could setup there and then share to HE using "Hub Connect", which allows ST to share devices with HE. Although I'd guess these bulbs are wifi /cloud, which I stay away from, too many failure points. The last thing I need is another reason for my wife to nag me about the "dumb-smart home" , "the lights didn't come on AGAIN", "can't i just have a normal switch", "with all the time you spend doing that, you could have another job", "you're a control freak".. I could go on for hours :crazy_face:

PS- groovy is going away in ST which will mean Hub Connect will die with it, unless ST does something to preserve groovy apps

I get that one all the time too! The problem is... I am actually a control freak. Maybe we should start a separate section of the community for "Hubitat widows and widowers."

Do you all know of a smart RGBA downlights that can be installed in a normal can light? See attached for Cree picture. Seems like the best option is to find a zwave alternative but i can't find any with RGBA.