Cree bulb won't connect

Every time I think I'm good and have no more issues, smh.

I have 2 cree bulbs and had no issues pairing them. Yesterday I bought 2 more, 1 paired right away. the 2nd didn't. (My hub and the light is right next to each other) and it's the same light fixture I used to pair the other 3. I thought maybe it was the bulb but I can connect it to my wink and it worked on the 1st try "I'm really starting to miss my WINK. I then unpaired it and still it's not pairing.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Yeah, zigbee bulbs in general can make poor repeaters, some times even for them selves.
Have a try at this, temporarily power down, ie unscrew or turn off the light switch on all the bulbs that are already setup, then try joining the problem one.
After you get it joined you can power up the others and you should be fine after that.

That's the thing, all of my other crees where off when I did the 2 new ones, the 1st 1 took about 20 sec. paired it, took it out, add the 2nd 1 and nothing. I even thought moving it away from the hub so I have it in another room, it's the only cree bulb on and same issue.

Do the reset procedure on the cree and when you get the confirmation flashing from the bulb put the hub on device discovery, or put the hub on discovery and do the cree reset procedure.

Off is not the same as powered off. Off just means they are not currently illuminating but they are still trying to act as repeaters, although unsuccessfully. To prevent that, they have to be powered off or unscrewed.

Thank you guys, so I did unscrew all my cree bulbs and this last bulb showed up right away. Another stupid thing you have to do to get HE to work. I never would have thought to remove the lights when the 2nd and 3rd connected without an issue while they where still in the outlet.

This isn't an issue with HE, it's an issue with the radios in the Cree bulbs. Be careful about adding too many of them. I had only 2 on my network and I had some funny Zigbee things happening that I couldn't explain. Took them off and more problem. I have them joined to my Hue hub now. They work fine as repeaters on Hue because Hue is ZLL like the Cree's. So, they play much better together. When a ZHA device tries to send a message through the Crees, it tries but more often than not it can't repeat the message and just drops it completely.

I never had any issues with anything I had on wink including these lights. they all paired right away with I test them out on my wink, yet struggled with HE. I had 2 of them on my wink network for 3 yrs, no issues, Lutron, no issues, until now, Door lock, no issues until now. Only left wink to have a faster local control. (I thought the grass was greener over here, until I got here lol

Thanks again for your help, I really do mean that, but these are HE issues, when these devices are pairing fine on another HA hub or via their own software.

In the last two weeks everyone that has stated this has retracted it, look at the flood of threads.

I donโ€™t know why people buy those Cree bulbs, they are known to have nothing but issues.

What are you ready Lutron issues? And Z-Wave locks are notorious but should work better on on newer hub firmware and if you have a beaming Z-Wave repeater nearby.

The bulb issue really isn't a Hubitat prblem, though--it's really a problem with most Zigbee bulbs designed for ZLL but "falling back" to the ZHA profile, as noted above. I suppose Wink could have worked around this by also presenting a separate ZLL network from its ZHA network, but I doubt that. It's more likely that the Wink radio or other aspects of your Zigbee network on Wink were more appealing to the bulb's radios so they were communicating directly to the hub or through different repeaters instead of each other. I'd avoid Zigbee bulbs paired directly to any ZHA controller, Hubitat included, unless they are ones like Sengled that don't repeat (or if there are any know to actually work well). It's one of many reasons I use my Hue bulbs via the Bridge. :slight_smile:

They work fine on a Hue Hub. Just not a ZHA hub. They have the same problems over on ST.

Exactly my point, the bulbs have issues. Maybe some people want to have eight hubs (Hue, Lutron, etc) connected up to have interoperability with one device or another, good for them.

But you donโ€™t have to, HE works fine for devices all by itself, if you want to have no issues with HE you research before hand. The OP just bought MORE Cree bulbs. When I first started I want to buy them because they were cheap, but reading the forums made me buy Sengled instead.