Cree bulb, lutron hub and pico remote

I'm planning to move from wink to HE.
I currently have a number of Cree bulbs paired to the wink hub and 3 connected bulb remotes paired to the hub, each to control a group of 3 bulbs.

I understand that in switching I will need a lutron pro hub and probably pico remotes, but I have no lutron switches (and anyway, they wouldn't work in my situation).

What I am not clear about is if the pico remotes can talk to the HE, have the HE recreate my 3 groups of 3 cree bulbs, and have each pico remote control one of the bulb groups.

I'm guessing that the answer is yes but I would like to make sure before dropping $200 into the project.

Help appreciated

Yes. Without a doubt.

Now here's the bad news. Cree bulbs are notoriously bad zigbee repeaters and can cause issues on zigbee networks that have devices other than bulbs.

Do you thing that the cree bulbs would be less of a problem if they were all within 15 feet of the hub (which they are) and did not have act as repeaters?

It doesn't matter. It's the nature of these bulbs. Grab a hue bridge and pair all bulbs to it and then use cocohue to control it from hubitat. That said, you can use your pico remotes but you will need the Lutron Pro Bridge-2. (Highly recommended) and let that be controlled by HE.

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Thank you. Am I correct in assoming that the hue hub can controlcree and that cocohue is an app? Is it built-in or does it need to be downloaded from somewhere?

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CoCoHue is a community developed Hue bridge integration. Hubitat has its own built-in Hue bridge integration, just without all of the features of CoCoHue.

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Thank you

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