CREE Bulb cycles ON > OFF > ON when turned on via rule, but not via dashboard- any ideas?

I have a CREE Connected bulb that works fine when operated from the dashboard, and from a button that triggers it. But I also have a rule that fade's it up over time for a wake up light that causes the bulb to turn on for about a second, then turn off for a second, then turn back on and continue to fade up normally. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

Can you post a copy of your rule?

What is most likely happening is that when you first set the level for the bulb of being very low, it is first coming on at it's last level, then dropping low, then beginning its fade that you have set. I would suspect you would not see if this if you first set the bulb to 1%, turned it off, then ran your rule. But a quick look at your specific rule will help to determine that.

On a side note, if you have any other zigbee devices at all, even just one sensor or button, that is not a ZLL bulb, the Crees are going to give you a lot of problems. The are terrible repeaters and will drop messages for just about every other Zigbee device out there that isn't a ZLL bulb. So, my advice would be to get rid of them or move them over to their own dedicated ZLL network (Hue Bridge or dedicated Hubitat Hub).

Here is the rule.

It's really just one action (fading the bulb up) but I needed to call it from another rule without it being in that rule so I could cancel timed actions and not have it cancel the periodic schedule that triggered the other rule.

I'll see if I can't do something to turn it on at a low level first so it doesnt turn on, fade down (to off), then back up and see if that works.

And thanks for the heads up on the CREE bulbs. Luckily it's probably the furthest device from my hub, so hopefully it won't be the repeater for anything.

I think I actually just figured it out; with the interval set to 1 second, it would turn the bulb ON (likely at the previous level), and then the first dimmer level step it rounded to in the fade is 0%, which would cause the bulb to dim down to 0. When I raised it to 10, the first dimmer level step would be 1%, so it doesn't flash off.

This works for now. Maybe it could be implemented to allow the start and end fade level to be user set (i.e. fade from 5% to 100% over 10min). Or, the rule could just be set to have a minimum first dimmer level of 1%, instead of 0%.