Creating Quiet Mode

Hi I am trying to create a new Quiet Mode, which would stop certain louder automations from running. I currently have it operating via a virtual switch and it turns on no problem, however, it doesn't turn off when it is switched off. If I set Day Mode to activate when the switch is off, will the scheduled modes (Night, Evening) still turn on properly?

What I would really like is for an equivalent to "Use Time Settings for Return from Away", but would most likely be using this setting in the daytime when working from home, so Day Mode would be the easiest to use, provided it doesn't stop the others from working

I don't use Mode Manager, but It will take a stab at it anyway. :grin:

  • Did you make a new mode called Quiet (or whatever)?
  • Did you select that mode to be active upon a switch being turned on?
  • I think that you did or will want to use that same switch in Night or Evening mode (or both?) as a means to activate the other (not Day) mode. I don't think the simple action of turning the switch off puts you back into a particular mode, you have to explicitly tell the rule to act upon the switch changing.

Here is the documentation for Mode Manager, it might help to browse it if you haven't. The last section deals with the switch scenario. These screenshots are from the documentation, and I think it is what you are trying to do. Mode Manager - Hubitat Documentation

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Oh that's perfect!!! Thank you for this documentation!