Creating Else If Rule results in Dead End


I have set up Conditions for the Triggers

Then set up a Conditional Action IF Then..

Set the condition

if x= y then do this

Then setup next Conditional Else If then


If x=z then

Set variable = false

and STUCK......

Nowhere to go

What do I press to complete this and move to the next action?

It is consistent - wiped and deleted this rule three times get stuck at the same point each time.

Looks like a buglet ?

Ha it is an order of action bug

else if x=z then
set variable - dead end stuck


else if x=z then
do something else
set variable

All Ok

Yup a bug


Is just getting worse time for an HE reboot

This is probably a browser issue. I just created a rule identical to yours, but for the names of the devices and variable, and had no problem at all.

What browser are you using? Did you try a page refresh?

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I think I have worked it out - will document when I finish some more tests

@bravenel All User issue.

But I can see how I ended there -

It was while setting a Else If condition but DID NOT exit the Conditions and went ahead with setting Actions WHILE in Conditions.

IF you miss an exit back a stage you end up in a dead end.

My Bad all on me - but I can see while learning the Is missed that.

Thanks for jumping in - much appreciated

It's supposed to suppress inputs beyond the stage it is in, so I will look into what you're saying.