Create New Room Lighting App for Each Scene?

I am almost completely migrated over to Room Lighting. For the most part, I like it and see the benefits, but the one thing that still has me scratching my head is scenes.

In my example, I have Master Bedroom Lights Room Lighting app and then I have a Pico remote I use to activate and turn off those lights. I can also specify, per mode, the brightness for those lights, etc.

The issue is that I want one of the buttons on my Pico to set the lights dim. Not based on time of day or hub mode, I just want the one button to dim all the lights to 50%.

Would I set up two Room Lighting apps for the Master Bedroom? (Basically, 1 for each scene?) Would I set up 3 Room Lighting apps? 1 for each of the scenes and then one for the main room lighting app to control those scenes?

If so, is there a naming convention I should follow? Something like "Master Bedroom Scene (Bright)" and "Master Bedroom Scene (Dim)"

Any other tips/tricks for getting this to work how I want? Am I missing something or over-complicating anything?


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I have a couple where I do this, and have a Bright and a Dim. I am using the dim scene typically but have a button mapping to set them to bright (all lights in room at once this way).
These lights I do not automate the brightness per modes, to do that I think I would use the [Dim] scene and adjust as I wanted. Otherwise if you wanted to keep the Dim option always the same then yes you would need a 3rd instance to do the mode/time based automatic adjustments.

Here is how I name mine

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

So this is how "Scene" functionality is designed to be used in Room Lighting then? Create multiple room lighting apps for each scene?

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As far as I know, I think it was the same way with the old Scene app as well, each instance could only have one set of settings for all the devices.

So I've got this set up, but one thing that feels weird is the off button on my Pico. I have two different scenes (one bright and one dim) but when I press the off button on my Pico, I want it to turn all those lights off. Should I create a 3rd scene called [Off] or just turn both scene activator switches "Off" for the off button on the Pico?

Just pick one to use for off, if you are doing it via button controller you don't even need the activator device anymore:

Its a special action that got added to RM/BC recently

Ohh sweet! That's handy!

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