Craziness after hub update

Am I doing something wrong? It's there a way to do an update better?

I download the latest backup, then hit update hub. It updates successfully, then I have about 24-48 hours of things not working. Everything is solid and works perfectly before. Booleans get frozen and don't reset, rules don't trigger like they did before the update, lights stay on when they should turn off, etc. On a previous update, a gps trigger was changed from arrived to departed. This last update is causing any waits to never get followed up on. I have a trigger that is if motion is inactive and stays that way for 3 minutes. It triggers and just waits indefinitely (see screenshot below). I'm just frustrated that after every update, there's always some random trigger that happens in the middle of the night, a light that stays on all night, or in this case, a fan that was supposed to turn off but didn't.

@jaredeaves Post your z-wave details page. Do not do a restore.

I would at this point shut down the hub. Unplug in for a minute or 2 (at the wall not the hub) and bring it back up and see how it behaves.

Is this the complete list of z-wave devices you have? If it is, are there any errors in your past logs?


This bug was found and will be fixed. I had the same thing happen. It is a very rare occurrence.

For the other issues, can you post each event individually - this would make them easier to investigate. Please include a screenshot of the rule, turn on all logging and post a screenshot of the logs.



This is not common behavior following an update and as others mentioned, this will require troubleshooting of individual events. It could be the mix of devices and particular integrations that may cause problems. Please provide additional details about a specific issue that isn't working as expected. If you don't know where to start, this document may help.

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Thanks for all the replies. The logs won't go back that far on the other issues, but I do have the latest one with a picture of the log. Maybe this one could be figured out. It has stayed on several times without turning off. There are two triggers...motion active and stays that way for three minutes and motion inactive and stays that way for three minutes. Neither work. They just wait...forever. The smart plug works and can be turned off and on through the device page. The motion is also controlling the lighting in a separate rule which is working perfectly as well. Here are some log shots. The fan is still running as I type this which is about 18 minutes of the motion being inactive.

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