Crashing Bluetooth on Android

I found this funny, I have a lot of Samsung buttons around the house. We all know that Zigbee uses the 2.4 GHz band for communication which overlaps with Wifi and Bluetooth. Getting ready for FIRST Robotics with Android studio and some other controllers from REV and I noticed some interesting disconnection on the Android phone to the robot controller.

It turns out that it was the Samsung button on my workbench does some type of Zigbee broadcast that crashes the wireless chip in the phone randomly. I found out by accident I had the phone in a stand with the screen on and then all of a sudden, the user space apps died. All background apps stopped, and the home page reloaded very slow. It looked like Android was recovering. If it was a kernel panic the entire phone would have restarted.

I was able to repeat this 3 times in one day. I then moved the button to the other side of the room and no issue. Very interesting having the button next to the phone in a stand would cause something like this. I posted this on the REV support group, and they said that there is known issue with some wireless chips and rogue signals crashing the driver in Android.

Now I really want to get a flipper and try out some 2.4 GHz messaging collection to see what is really going on. So far in my testing I have seen this happen in Moto G7's and Pixel 7's.

Interesting. Are these the buttons manufactured by Samjin? Let us know if you are able to capture anything. This would explain some odd things that happen to my Pixel 6a overnight while resting about two inches from my bedside button.

I have the phone set to not require a PIN while at home, yet some mornings I have to enter the PIN. Don't know if the phone's location changed or if it rebooted. I've also noticed, a couple times a week, it will switch between the 2.4 and 5G wifi networks, back and forth every 30 seconds for about 5 minutes.

Yes it's the Samjin: