Crash creating a new Room lighting

I'm getting a crash when trying to access additional activation or deactivation parameters in room lighting.

Error message is: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+[158] on line 1828 (method optionsOnPage)

This is a new Room lighting rule that has nothing configured yet.

I'm running version on a C8 hub.

Anyone knows a workaround?

I should have mentioned: the same parameters on my older rules open just fine. It seems to be only on that newly created rule.

Were you trying to set an Activation option? Do you know exactly the step that crashed?

See this pic .

Apps - This rule - Means to activate - Activate lights options

The same for deactivation.

After clicking:

Please show the main page of the app.

When I do what you showed, I don't get any error.

It works for my other room lighting rules. Just this one:

You need to select some devices to automate.

I was able to reproduce this error. Simple workaround is to add some devices to automate first. A fix for this will be in the next release.

Got it.

Devices are still in the mail. I'll finish the rule when they arrive.

Thanks for the help.

You were right. I received my devices; once added to the rule, the option pages started working.