Cox had an outage - and I didn’t notice

Turns out my internet was out this morning for just over an hour between 4:30-6AM.

I didn’t even know - my water heater came on for an hour at 5AM. My nightstand lamp came on at 5, and gradually increased in temperature from 2000-5000 and intensity from 1-100 between 5-5:30.

Motion lighting worked fine. The electric washlet was ready when I used the restroom. Lights came on at the correct intensity, the hot water pump came on when I stepped in the tub etc etc

I only found out because of a text message from Cox at 6:20 telling me internet was restored.

So thank you Hubitat - for making this possible.

Also, this is exactly why getting an annual subscription to the backup service, or whatever its called, is a no-brainer for me.