Coway (iocare) driver

Anyone looked at integrating with Coway's IoCare API? Mostly for air filters (specifically the AirMega 300S/400S)

Homebridge example:
HomeAssistant Example:

I have two of the 400s and would like to assist in integrating into Hubitat. Thanks, Joe

has anyone added this to Hubitat ? If so, how did it go. I have Coway 250S

Someone will have to write a driver for Hubitat. Should be possible since it looks like thereโ€™s an API and integrations for HA and Homebridge.


I don't have the time to write a driver but I'm still interested in alpha/beta testing and debugging.

I would love to see a driver for Coway filters as well. I would write one if I knew how. I have many Coway filters that I automate through Google Home, but Google just broke them and now the filters just power off when you try to control them. :frowning: