Couple of small issues with RM 3.0

@Bravenel Thanks for the great RM 3.0 update.

I noticed a few bugs that I'm not sure if anyone has posted about yet.

If I select a capability category for which I don't have any devices there is no way to go back/cancel out of the screen. Even if I completely exit the rule and go back to edit the condition it will bring me back to the category not allowing editing of the condition. I had to delete the rule and start over to fix this.

I have also noticed that the labels are missing from the actions screen for insert above and edit action drop down boxes. I have to remember which is which each time.

So not huge issues but minor annoyances.

Yes, the Door issue has been found and fixed (also Garage Door).

Your second photo is perplexing. I will see if I can reproduce that...

I get that error with safari on ios (ipad and iphone), but not on my computer (with chrome).


For what it's worth I'm using Safari on macOS Mojave.

Safari on iOS doesn't support placeholders (which is the description in input enums) in selects. However, with a bit of javascript magic this can be fixed. So it will be in the next release.

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@bravenel at one of the next (doesn't have to be tomorrow's) "Hubitat Live" events with @patrick could you possibly do a semi-in depth example of the IF-THEN-ELSE uses (preferably at a comprehension level for someone just above that who eats paint chips) so that I can better understand how this operates.

I read your documentation on this in RM 3.0, and I'm not quite grasping it yet. It would be much appreciated.

Are you not getting how an If Then Else works or you you just don't see the purpose?

Generally if statement is testing IF statement to be true or false THEN if true do this ELSE (but) false do this instead.

or in other words

IF something is true THEN do this ELSE false do this

IF living room light is on THEN turn on garage lights ELSE turn on kitchen light.

With the above example
If my living room light is on my garage lights will turn on
If my living room light is off my kitchen light will turn on instead

Getting this will give you basic logic making to your rules as you can see.