Couple of Communication Questions

Hi, New to HE I moved over from ST. Got a couple of questions I've been reading the forums and can't seem to find a straight answer. Just point me in the direction.

  1. ST would send me SMS text messages for notifications does HE do this?

  2. ST would send me emails how do I get HE to do this? I do have a in house postfix server running that relay's to Gmail.

  3. Notice in a app you can Alexa-TTS. Is this build in? or a 3rd party package required?

I moved over to HE for many reasons, but the one I really liked is everything is in house I have a server running in house for everything including my own Nextcloud server. I don't want to rely on web base apps and I want everything to stay on my network.

Wish HE would setup a HowTo section on this forum that way you can get an answer and not read mile long topic and have to piece together what they are talking about it just gets very confusing.


The Hubitat App does notifications just load it on your phone

You can install most of the popular apps using the community app Hubitat Package Manager.

This Community app should work for sending mail or sms's

Here's another one:

This community app should handle the TTS