Counter +1

Hello all,

I need a display that increments a counter +1 every time an event is triggered.

Can I somehow implement this in my dashboard?


Without much experience in this.....

My first go-to would be a Hub Variable you maintain through an RM rule or something similar....

Alternatively, my go to is an app by @bptworld, he normally has something in this space.... or @thebearmay.... Either will likely produce something new before I am sitting at my desk in the morning ;-).... If you or others can't.... :wink:

Like @sburke781 said, easiest/quickest thing to implement would an integer hub variable, with a RM rule to increment on the event. Dashboard supports display of variables directly so relatively simple to set up.


Good test that my brain is still working at this time of night.... :slight_smile: Thankyou...

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You can use a virtual dimmer...

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Thanks for your feedback - I will test it with the variable and get back to you :wink:

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Brilliant, love that creative idea.

work perfect:


And how do you get that counter to display on your dash? This is very interesting to me for work, i want to track how many times i enter a Geofence.

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