Coulisse Motion Blind Hub API (For OmniaBlinds, Motion, Cocoon, and others blinds/shades using Coulisse Motors)

I recently installed a couple of OmniaBlinds roller shades in my house. I have several large windows that needed roller shades and I took a chance and ordered a couple of them to test out.

The blinds took about 3 weeks to be custom cut and delivered from Europe. They were much cheaper than most competitors at that size (~$300 per window) and so far I have been very impressed. They were easy to install, look good, have long range, support widths of up to 259cm (8.5ft), and are not very loud (demo video). I am planning to order more soon.

With the blinds, I purchased a Coulisse Motion hub to enable remote control, scheduling and Alexa, which does work quite well, although the additional hub is expensive.

I am now investigating a way to link the motion hub to Hubitat to enable more complex programming. This hub is actually used by a variety of blind manufacturers, so developing a driver for the hub might enable a number of new integrations. Based on my testing with a Broadlink RM4 Pro, I think the blinds must use a 433mhz rolling code as I am unable to control them with the RM4, making direct control of the blinds unlikely.

I have been in contact with the OmniaBlinds staff, who are very helpful, and they shared with me that an API does exist for the Coulisse hub. The API has been used to integrate with Home Assistant, so I think it should be possible to integrate with Hubitat as well.

I have not tried to write a Hubitat driver before, but I am now considering trying it out. I also just wanted to share the above information to see if anyone else has experience with this hub or has any interest in helping developing a Hubitat driver?

Have you had any luck with this? I'm trying to figure out where to start with some roller shades, and I found that same hub as an option with

You still like the blinds you ordered from omnia? They look like a good price.

I've been tinkering occasionally, but haven't gotten anything working on the hubitat front. The blinds themselves have been working great though, they are still reporting 75%+ charge after 4 months with 2+ activations per day. I actually just placed an order for another 10 sets of blinds for my remaining larger windows.

The scheduling and alexa integration through the coulisse hub have been solid, but I do still wish for some more advanced programming with summer coming up - would love to operate the blinds based on room temperature and sunlight levels!