Could not pair Zigbee lock with and, rolled back to [C-8 Pro]

I could not pair a Kwickset Convert 914C Zigbee 3.0 lock with platform or Last week I had paired another lock just like this one without issue, so I rolled back to which was the platform version I was on when the previous lock paired with out any issues. I was able to pair this new lock w/out issue on

I wasn't sure exactly where this info should, so I dropped it into feedback.

I have major issues pairing any Zigbee device both on my c-7 and c8pro the c-7 worked fine until I updated to Devices just don’t pair or quit responding.

I can pair to Alex hub or Smartthings hub without and issue but no luck on and Hubitat

This is super unfortunate as I picked up the hubitat to replace the Smartthings hub as I wanted local processing.

Both of my locks are now acting funny, I just havent gotten back around to re-pairing them to see if they fix them selves.