Could Hubitat allow multiple schedules in a day?

After trying schedule() for multiple schedules in a day and discovering that only the last schedule takes (due to the previous schedule for the same handler being overwritten), I am wondering if Hubitat could break the ST connection and actually allow schedule() to create multiple schedules? In my app I ended up creating 10 handlers to call the main handler and then limited the number of schedules in a day to 10, but that is ugly :sunglasses:.

What about using RM Actions? Have not played with it myself yet, but it might fit the bill.

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I believe Hubitat will allow multiple schedules if you pass [ overwrite: false ] like in smartthings. I've used it with runIn, but it should work with schedule, too.

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It does. As @jp0550 explains, just add [overwrite: false] to the schedule call.

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Got the impression on the ST forum that [overwrite: false] didn't work, should have tried it! Thanks all!

ST always had issues with scheduling. Things like runIn under 60 seconds, etc were known to be unreliable. In Hubitat Elevation, schedules work as intended.