Cost Effective Light Strips

Anyone have any suggestions for cost effective light strips? I was looking at Philips Hue and for the love of all that is holy, they're expensive.

I found some other ones -- like a whole spool of lights for a lot less than Philips but I think I'd have to update the firmware on them as explained in another thread.

So I'm at a lost. What's the community's go-to right now?

Check out MagicHome-compatible controllers. No firmware updates necessary :slight_smile:

The latest release has been solid.

Below is an RGB controller that says it comes with 10m of LEDs, if you don’t need something with a high CRI. Otherwise, the RGB+CCT strips have come down in price, and those controllers are $10. My overhead lights are all of this style.


You rule. Thanks. Hubitat discovering them?

It won't auto-discover (yet... :slight_smile: )

Setting up a device is as easy as adding in the device's IP into its settings page, though.