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I have both Alexa and Cortana currently working with my SmartThings Hub. The Cortana integration is so much better since it allows fuzzy interaction - more natural speech. Example: if I tell Alexa to turn out the garage lights (I have two sets) it will ask me which one and if I don't know the exact name it won't work. However if I tell Cortana to turn out the garage lights - the lights go out, no questions asked. Will Cortana be integrated into Hubitat?


I prefer Cortana too for that exact same reason. Plus you can type commands via the Cortana app and it works the same as speaking. Sometimes that beats pulling up a dashboard and is sleeping spouse friendly.

I'll have to check this out.

There's now a rules engine built into the Cortana. I know that means it's cloud based, but choices are a good thing.

Former ST user, hub died and I didn't like the direction ST was taking. After listening to the Hubitat team talk on various podcasts I decided to purchase one. It's been sitting waiting to be set up for a few months now.

I really liked the Cortana integration with ST and even Insteon (a few years ago) I'm not a Google/Alexa fan, and would love to see Cortana available on Hubitat.

Me too, the idea of having a remote cloud based rules engine that I can holler at my phone "turn up the heat" when 'the wife' gets home or "turn on vacation mode at sunset" knowing the only changes are in the cloud AI and not reprogramming my hub. Purely for emergency and convenience use.

Now if Hubitat could give us some AI goodness via edge or 'fog' computing, ahem, 'Movidius plug' that would be cool too. I don't remember if I shared this but want to disclose I work closely with Intel in the distribution channel, so I get hit with a lot of their hype.

Having two windows laptops and two Xbox units in the house I would LOVE Cortana integration

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