Corrupt database after soft rest

Everything was working, but I saw a warning message about database getting full and recommendation to do a soft reset.

I did the back-up and did the soft reset, but when hubitat came up it complained about database being corrupt. I can't get to the menu to do a restore from the back-up.

What do I do? I looked at the Diagnostic Tool. Do I "Restore Previous Version"?

Can't get to the menu to look at it right now but if you're talking database version, correct. May have to go back 1 or 2 to get back to a good one. Once stable you could then restore the downloaded version if desired.

After a soft reset you should be brought to the setup splash screen, at the bottom of that page you should see a small link that says "restore from a backup"

at the bottom of that page you should see a small link that says "restore from a backup"

I don't see that.

Try the reboot first.

I already tried rebooting and I pulled power from the hub and got to the menu I pasted above.

If I click on the "reboot the hub", it says "rebooting" forever (at least for 5 minutes at this point).

Well, yeah. What exactly will be restored? Here's the menu:

(That's the "diagnostics tool")

No. That restores a previous firmware version, not a previous database backup.

(1) Do a Soft Reset - this will clear off any running Database that is corrupt. Instructions are here:

(2) As described in the Soft Reset instructions, after the soft reset, you will get a green screen describing how to get started. Instead, click on the tiny link at the bottom of the page,
Restore from backup?

(3) choose an older backup that you have previously downloaded to your computer, or select one that is stored on the hub. You may have to go back a few backups to find one that is good. It’s possible, if you restore a corrupted backup, you will have to do the soft reset dance before another restore.

Again, I didn't get that after the soft reset. I get the page I posted.

What @672southmain is suggesting is that another soft reset may be the most expeditious course to arrive at a point where you can restore your database copy.

Ok, there were a few updates that could put you in this state if you had a corrupt database. If you aren’t on, do Download Latest Version, which would get you there. or, try a Restore Previous Version and go to a different (earlier) firmware, Try soft reset from there, then restore previous version, choose, Then restore database backup.

I was in this state during one of the recent updates. Whiteout going into a treatise, somehow the database was corrupt (2 copies simultaneously), but kept chugging along without telling me. Then, Victor put in better checking code to detect corrupt databases, That wouldn’t let it boot, and the above process was needed.

that another soft reset may be the most expeditious course to arrive at a point where you can restore your database copy

When I click on the soft reset link, I get a login prompt that needs a mac address. Maybe that's on the Hubitat label?

Ok, I'll the latest version and see what happens.

I downloaded the latest version and Hubitat seemed to update with it.

But, I get back to the same screen saying the database is corrupt.

I have no way to do a soft reset from that page. There's a link on the page I get after clicking on "Diagnostics Tool", but that's where I get the login screen.

I'm heading to the attic to see if there's a mac address on the Hubitat label.

MAC address is generally on the bottom of the hub. Can also get sometimes by looking in the router's devices attach list or by using an arp -a command from a command prompt.


A Soft Reset removes the DB... there is no DB to be corrupt. The corrupt DB message makes it seem like there is a DB and therefore the Soft Reset didn't work.... which would be a first for me in reading this forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I forgot about the address reservation table I have in the router--an easier way to get to the mac address compared to getting access to it.

The soft reset is in progress now--I got "network error", but it may still be working on it.

Seems stuck there.

Should the page eventually change, or should I try bringing up the hubitat home page (from a different browser instance)?

Is this normal?

Doesn't look normal to me. Let's see if @bobbyD or @gopher.ny are on yet.

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