Correct way to move a device to a meshed hub . .

Old hub is a C-4 with all my automation rules, all my z-wave, cloud-connected, lan-connected, and most of my zigbee devices. New hub is a C-7 that I have just started using. I copied my C-4 backup to the C-7, corrected the name, disabled all the apps, disabled z-wave (for now). I have been moving zigbee devices over by renaming the device on the C-4 (appending OLD), re-pairing the device with the C-7, sharing the device with hub mesh on the C-7, linking to the device on the C-4. This creates a new device that has a name appended with the C-7 hub name. Until my latest test, I have been going into the original device on the C-4 (which I renamed by appending OLD), then I use the "In Use By" links at the bottom to go into each of the apps and changed the selected device from the one with OLD appended to the file name to the "new" mesh device which has the C-7 hub name appended. Once I have edited all the apps that were listed "In Use By", I delete the device with OLD appended to the name. This has worked fine.


What about the apps, like my Rule Machine rules, where I don't have a nice neat pick list to choose the device the rule will act on? What then?

If I do anything that changes the name of the device, I have to go in and edit my Rule Machine rules. I have tried copying the device network ID over from the meshed device and it seemed to work but I fear I may be creating a support monster.

Is there a correct way to do this? The only really clean way I can think to do this is to move all the devices used by an automation rule over to the C-7 and then I can enable the automation rule on the C-7.

Unfortunately this is the only route AFAIK. I simply migrated everything over to my new C7 (which incidentally runs better anyway).

Yeah, I'm starting to think the best way is to move as many of the devices and their associated rules as possible together.

I have found for the simple one, which are a lot of them, my move and rename procedure works pretty well. I've moved almost half of my Zigbee devices that way.

I am also noticing the C-7 seems to be quicker. Of course it's not fully loaded yet . . .