Correct Time Format on Dashboard Tile

New user here, about 4 weeks in - got everything ported from ST and also got TADO and my CCTV Feeds incorporated so very happy with progress, is there any way to get the time tile to display the correct UK format on the dashboard as it is the only thing bugging me.


Did you try changing it here... Settings > Location and Modes > Time Format to set it in 24 hour format.

If it's the date portion that you don't like, I believe it has not been implemented yet? I to would like to have it as YYYY/MM/DD format which is a lot more intuitive (at least for me).

Do you mean like this?


I recently asked the same thing and got presented with this;

Works really nice... :slight_smile:


Go to your dashboard.
Settings cog.
Here you can pick your date format.

It won't change format until your refresh the page.

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I did - no joy

Fantastic - I would never of found that :slight_smile:

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Thanks - sorted using solution below now tho.

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