Corner mounts for sensors

I have a basic question. I have bought multiple motion sensors(sonoff) now to begin my automation journey....but, they are just a small rectangular device. I have read that the general recommendation is to put them in the corner of the room. How do you all usually put the motion sensors in the corner, so that they face the whole room? Wouldn't we need some way to put the sensor at around 45 degree? Do I need to buy an additional mount for each sensor, so that i can angle it?

I had been looking for something similar and the closest that I could find was this. I did not end up getting it as it would not work for me, but it might for you

wow, till will mean another $10+ cost for each motion sensor :frowning:

There are a lot of 3d printed mounts I've found to buy in the UK for some sensors, I would expect they would be available in other countries.
Another option would be to use mouldable glue.

Perhaps something like this will work...but I dont need so many. Let me see if I can find a pack with lesser count

Shelf Cabinet Door 90 Degree Plastic Corner Braces 4 Holes Angle Brackets w Cover Cap, 30 Pcs | Walmart Canada

I feel like this is another common question I am too lazy to look back at past threads, but happy to comment on....

My understanding is that a common recommendation is to setup motion sensors in a position where they detect motion crossing their detection range, rather than people approaching the sensor front-on. I typically place mine hidden under furniture (or even out in the open) where they scan across doorways or look out from under bedside tables, etc. That said I have literally received delivery of some more Hue motion sensors, one I plan to place on top of a tallboy / chest of draws in my bedroom to pick up general motion in the bedroom, particularly during the day, in addition to another motion sensor under my bedside table that does not see all motion in my bedroom.

So while I have taken a some liberties with the question you have asked, I would put my spin on your question by saying that I don't limit myself to placing my motion sensor in a corner or a single spot in a room. Some of my sensors are placed under furniture like I described and some are place on top of furniture. I guess the point I am trying to make is that the position can vary depending on the room or options available. So the question on how to place on or in a corner should first be asked as is the corner he right spot in the room. If you have already answered that question, then feel free to ignore this response...


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You mention Hue. Mine have a magnetic swivel mount. Your typical drywall construction has a metal bead on inside and outside corners. I have one of mine stuck on an outside corner.

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I can't claim the same knowledge of the correct construction terminology, but yes, I have also benefitted from those more knowledgeable than I choosing a metal structure around the corners of my walls. In particular the metal lintel in my garage were I placed a motion sensor to tell when I as moving towards my car or those rare occasions where I moved towards the exercise bike. I have also made use of other metal structures under my plaster walls to mount Hue dimmer switches. Not a common option, but a nice surprise when it comes up....

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I glued small rare earth magnets to the back of my sensors and then just run a small screw with a head large enough to attach the magnet to into the wall/corner/etc where I want to mount them and at whatever angle I want. Works great plus when they need new batteries I just pull them off. The magnet also does not interfere with any operation of any of my sensors.

Pretty cost effective and the couple of times I have decided to move a sensor from one corner to another, removing the screw left no visible marks so no need to fix anything either.


Maybe. The detection zone on my Bosch sensors are optimized for corner mounting. I could argue that the Sonoff is optimized for ceiling mount - its detection zone is really a 110-degree cone. It really comes down to what you hope to sense, to not sense, obstacles, and sensor capabilities.

At a common ceiling height of 8 feet (2.4m), the detection zone is about a 10 foot (3m) radius. To test positions, I folded a piece of masking tape into a loop to make a temporary double-sided tape.

However, if you are certain that you want a corner mount, then a simple option is to make a couple of miter cuts to a small piece of wood. A dab of hot glue would be plenty to hold it in place and could probably be gently removed without damage.

I would suggest that with the Sonoff sensors you take an old wooden hockey stick, or whatever finished wood you want to use, and with a chop saw do two 45 degree mitre cuts to create a little corner piece that will fit right into the corner. Paint it a matching colour and use the 3M command strips and stick it on one side to mount it in the corner. they blend nicely and if you want to ensure they do not stick out, tape up the sensor window and paint the Sonoff as well. Since they are usually up high they pass muster when you are looking up at them.
they fit nicely on the end of the piece of wood. The command strip means that if you are not satisfied with the location you can remove it and reposition with no damage to the wall paint ensuring that the SAF is not impacted overly.
My Scottish upbringing will not allow me to pay for a piece of plastic when I can make it myself.



Do you know anyone who can cut a 45 out of a piece of wood?** Paint it the room color and use command strips to hold it to the wall.

** I'm not talking about using a 2 x 4 but maybe 3/4" Poplar. I think HD has a 1" x 1" poplar that could be cut to make a nice corner piece.


I have a chop saw you can borrow, for a price of course!

Hatallica, sorry, I wrote out almost the same thing you typed right after you posted! Well the whole great minds thing eh?
BTW JohnRob needs someone to make some mitre cuts for him.

I'm gonna +1 @sburke781 on this. I've got a handful of sensors strategically placed. Personally I'm a fan of the Aeotec Trisensor combined with a recessor so that I (and the better half) don't even notice the sensor. That being said...I also have a couple of Iris motion sensors in random places. One is placed in a corner to capture the whole room for the purpose of ambient motion lighting. Another is placed in a bathroom to capture motion as someone enters to activate lighting at night. So all in all, I've only got one placed in a corner, the rest are placed where I need them to achieve the specific automation that I need based on the layout and typical traffic direction of the room they are placed in. That's probably the beauty of really digging into DIY home automation...the best automation is both unseen and follows your patterns.

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Thank you for the offer but I have a chop saw and a table saw.

AND I have a small hand saw with a miter box. I'm sure this doesn't need a precision cut so I believe anyone with motivation could get a hand saw and Miter box at a hardware store and make a perfectly acceptable corner bracket.

Thanks for mentioning this. It made me think of another option.

Home Depot sells aluminum angle iron. Simply cut off sections of one leg on a piece maybe 4" long. Bend the remaining legs and you have a corner bracket.

I'm not very good with quick 3D sketches but in the below if you cut off the green section and bend at the dashed lines you will have an easy to make corner shelf.

Oh, and if make the dotted line bends on a slight angle the base will be pointing toward the floor. You will have to attach the sensor to the bracket. I would use Command Velcro.


Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing

I added another Hue for more coverage.