Copying built-in drivers?

I just got a Minoston MP22Z outdoor plug. There are a handful of other Minoston plugs built-in to HE, but not that one. It's been around for some time, so I wonder what it takes to get new products into the built-in set.

Is there a way for me to get the code for an existing Minoston plug driver and modify it to match this one, and give it back to Hubitat for inclusion into the next update?

That and many other devices work fine with a generic driver. When I paired one of these recently, it chose "Generic Zwave Outlet" as the driver.

Typically when devices don't play nice with the generic driver for some reason, you would get a specific driver. Or you get a weird device that is maybe something like a temperature sensor combined with a switch where you also see specific drivers.

It isn't really needed in this specific case as it works fine with the generic driver. Often people will say "this device doesn't work with Hubitat" and give details about how/why the generic drivers don't work. That could be a variety of things like it simply didn't match the correct driver where it just needs to added to the database, to having to provide staff with the cluster data that shows upon pairing, to where a device has to be tested in-person by the staff because it has quirks of some type. So it all depends.

No for a couple reasons. The drivers aren't open source, so you don't have those to work with. And as far as I am aware, Hubitat doesn't do pull requests.

However, there are some example drivers in the Hubitat Github, so you could author your own driver. And there potentially may be some community drivers for a device also (I didn't check for this device).

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The outlet supports changing the LED, auto turn-off and -on, and state-after-power failure. It would be nice to have those exposed in the UI.

If a device has functions beyond what a generic driver exposes, they usually need a sample device to test with and create a new driver.


You can use the built-in EVA LOGIK Smart Plug driver for the Minoston MP22Z plugs... I have 11 of them... it works just fine and EVA LOGIK is the manufacturer of the plugs. Allows controlling the LED, Auto Turn On/Off, and Restore after power failure.


That seems to work great!


Minoston and Eva Logik are made by the same manufacturer, Nie-Tech Co. Ltd. and share the same drivers (at least near as I can tell).


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