Convoluted but proper control of ceiling fan from Harmony Remote

I was so disappointed that Lutron Caseta fan controls arent exposed to Harmony Remote integration, that I got determined to make it work properly using the Home Automation buttons on the Harmony. Here's my solution

  1. Added ST integration to Harmony

  2. Found a virtual fan controller Device Handler for ST.
    2.1 These all function as dimmers with thresholds of what's low/med/high. This is annoying because on a harmony remote, you might have to press "up" several times before it crosses a threshold. (Good luck explaining that one to the wife...)

  3. Used Hublink to create a Virtual instance of the ST device in HE

  4. Created to rules on the Virtual dimmer for "Increased and Decreased". Each of these first increment/decrements a global variable as to what the fan speed should be...and then sets the fan accordingly in HE.
    4.1 There's a chance that if I the last "down" press, set the virtual dimmer to zero (due to holding a while), and then the next press will not actually turn it down (and therefore not triggering the HE rule. Not sure how often this will happen...and I have no idea how to prevent it. I can write back a value to the virtual dimmer, but since the actual value if coming from ST, it wont stop the problem.

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